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Channel news: Novell owns Unix, SCO must pay; SCO stock dives

Vista SP1: The first reviews are in Build No. 6001.16549 of Vista Service Pack 1 — which Microsoft now is confirming as one of the “early, pre-beta test builds that were made available to a select group of testers” — has made its way onto torrents all over the Web over the past few days. The first reviews are starting to come in. [All About Microsoft]

Novell owns Unix copyrights after all Judge tells SCO to find its checkbook. [TheReg]

Investors bailing on SCO stock, SCOX plummets 70% In the wake of a ruling which declares that Novell, not SCO, is the rightful owner of the UNIX copyrights, the price of SCO’s stock has plummeted, dropping 70 percent and staying down all day. [Ars Technica]

Can Microsoft get its $12 million back from SCO? Microsoft spent an estimated $12 million back in 2003 to “protect” itself against potential violations to the Unix copyright, which SCO claimed it owned. Wonder if the Redmondians are going to try to get their money back, now that a judge has ruled that SCO’s claims are invalid. [All About Microsoft]

Novell to acquire Senforce for endpoint security Novell is acquiring Senforce, an early network access control vendor, to integrate its endpoint security features and develop an endpoint management suite. []

VMware and virtualization’s big day Updated: VMware’s IPO is about to push virtualization onto its biggest public stage yet. [eWEEK]

Microsoft completes Aquantive purchase Microsoft has completed the largest purchase in its history, sealing its $6 billion takeover of the Internet advertising firm Aquantive. [NYT]

Nokia warns about 46 million batteries The world’s top cellphone maker said that 46 million batteries used in its phones could overheat and the company would replace them for no cost to consumers. [NYT]

Oracle readies 11g pricing as Linux version debuts Pricing details are promised later today, and users are eager to find out which functionality will be included as part of 11g and which Oracle intends to charge for as additional options to the software. [Computerworld]

Cool tool: find out what technologies a site is built with Ever wonder about the technologies that power your favorite websites? BuiltWith’s goal is to help developers, researchers and designers find out what technologies pages are using which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves. [Digg]

Google tinkers with ad-serving tech Google gives users a privacy opt-out trigger for its test ad-serving cookie. [eWEEK]

Microsoft says test shows vacant airwaves usable Microsoft disputed the Federal Communications Commission’s recent finding that prototype Internet devices caused static on existing broadcasts. [NYT]

Porn company Perfect 10 sues Microsoft Claims lost business to MSN search engine. [TheReg]

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