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Channel news: New Symantec ‘bot tool; DoD records at risk; hack-for-sale market grows

Symantec bats botnets with new tool Symantec hopes customers accept AntiBot as a complimentary layer to the company’s other security offerings. [eWEEK]

US service personnel at risk of ID theft Half a million people’s records sent unecrypted. [TheReg]

Dirty e-Deeds done dirt cheap Password stealers, keyloggers, customized Trojans—you name it, it’s for sale, and the ROI boggles the mind. [eWEEK]

Firms turning to registered e-mail for protection Some people have started using registered e-mail systems to prove that specific documents were sent or received. [Computerworld]

Bug-weary Windows shops may accept all-in-one tools Comprehensive endpoint security tools for Windows are coming, and many battle-scarred IT managers are willing to take a look at them. []

Apple’s iPhone vulnerable to hackers: report Apple Inc.’s iPhone may be vulnerable to hackers due to a flaw that allows them to take control of the device, according a report in the New York Times on Monday. [Reuters]

Compellent, Microsoft team on new SAN The new system automatically classifies data and assigns it to an appropriate tiered storage layer. [eWEEK]

New processors present problems, payoff A fundamental change in the design of microprocessors is presenting software developers with a challenge – and a huge financial opportunity. [AP]

Duke: iPhone didn’t cause power outages A problem with Duke University’s wireless network caused outages at the school, officials said Friday, exonerating the initial suspect, Apple Inc.’s new iPhone. [AP]

Windows Seven: Think 2010 At Microsoft’s Global Exchange (MGX) annual sales conference in Orlando this week, Microsoft shared a bit more — albeit at a high level — on Windows Seven, according to a copy of a slide deck I saw that was distributed to the field sales force during the conference. Among the information shared was that Microsoft is anticipating it will take at least three years from now to get the next version of Windows client out the door. [All About Microsoft]

A CIO’s lot is not a happy one Top technology executives are even more dissatisfied than their C-level counterparts, a survey says. [eWEEK]

Computer support, can you rock to this? Fans of Christopher Guest may recognize his signature style in two new music videos released on Monday, but not the products that the videos are pitching. [NYT]

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