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Channel news: Msft to pay $1.5B in MP3 suit; FBI expands surveillance, continues to lose data

Channel headlines

FBI shifts to watch-everyone, record-everything wiretaps After retiring “Carnivore” the FBI appear to have shifted to broad-based surveillance strategy that involves compiling massive databases of information on thousands of users at a time. [CNET]

FBI loses Iomega drive with personal info on 500K people The FBI is offering up to $25,000 for information leading to the return of a missing “Iomega hard drive.” Apparently, the drive, used to backup data on medical research, contains personal information on “at least a half-million people.” [Engadget]

Microsoft hit with $1.52 billion patent suit damages  A U.S. federal jury found that Microsoft Corp. infringed audio patents held by Alcatel-Lucent and should pay $1.52 billion in damages. [Reuters]

Microsoft takes a blogosphere beating over Vista UAC  This week in Security Blog Log: Industry experts take Microsoft to task over a “very severe hole” in the design of Vista’s User Account Controls (UAC) feature.

Gartner: Server shipments increased nearly 9% in 2006  HP ranked first in shipments, IBM led in revenue, Sun is coming back, according to the latest market survey by Gartner. [eWEEK]

Sun’s servers resurgent in 2006 – Gartner Dell’s pungent. [TheReg]

Sun’s top Solaris sellers bail out OS under attack from families. [TheReg]

Dell revitalization may take it into stores Dell, while stopping short of saying it planned to open full-fledged stores, or sell through retailers, said it would do what it takes to reach consumers, who generate 15 percent of the personal computer maker’s revenue. [eWEEK]

Software missing from Vista’s “official apps” Microsoft has just released a list of 800 applications it says are ‘officially supported’ on Windows Vista. What’s special about this list, however, are the programs that are not included: Adobe Systems Inc.’s entire line of software, Symantec Corp.’s security products, the Firefox Web browser, Skype Ltd.’s free voice-over-IP software and the alternative to Microsoft Office. [Slashdot]

Loaded USB stick helps fend off hacker attacks A tool inspired by hackers can give IT managers the edge they need to thwart attacks directed at their Windows systems.[]

Data breach: If customers don’t act, data will remain at risk To make enterprises take data security seriously, customers must take control of their personally identifiable information and stop handing it out to businesses.[]

Skype petitions FCC for open cellular access Net phone company is pushing for rules that would let consumers decide which devices and software they use on cell phone networks. [CNET]

Report: Offshoring to have no sudden bad effects A new report finds that while the software packaging industry stands to be able to offshore the large percentage of jobs by 2008, it may have a relatively small impact on the economy. [eWEEK]

IEEE 802.16m to bring 1gbps wireless transfer rates The technology will also be WiMAX and 4G compatible. [DailyTech]

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