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Channel news: Microsoft preps Comm Server for Oct.; Dell laptops drop as Apple’s grow

Microsoft news fuels Cisco rivalry Microsoft will officially launch its Office Live Communications Server 2007 on Oct.16. This product represents a heightened rivalry with Cisco, despite this week’s protestations of cooperative competition. []

Dell takes huge hit as Apple laptop sales soar ‘Halo effect’ generated by demand for iPhones has caused a transformation in Apple’s laptop sales [InfoWorld]

Dell’s SMB giveaways spook channel A flurry of Dell SMB service giveaways has potential channel partners concerned about the vendor’s motives as Dell launches a channel recruitment drive. [ChannelWeb]

Can Vista SP1 help polish Vista’s tarnished image? Rather than continuing downplay the fact that Vista SP1 is in testing and won’t really matter (to many corporate users, it does and will), why not tout SP1 as the rock-solid release that Vista could and should have been a year ago? That’s one way Microsoft could polish up Vista’s rapidly tarnishing image. [All About Microsoft]

Microsoft sets the dates for two fall server launches Microsoft finally has gone public with the planned launch dates for two of its Business Division server products. PerformancePoint Server 2007 gets the official launch treatment in September; Office Communications Server 2007, in October. [All About Microsoft]

Virtualization to popularize fault-tolerant servers? Long relegated to niche mission-critical applications, fault-tolerant server deployments may see an uptake as IT shops seek to protect virtualized servers. []

CSC cans project leaders More compulsory redundancies. [TheReg]

IBM, HP remain locked in server battle IBM leads in server revenue, while Hewlett-Packard shipped the most units, according to a Gartner survey. [eWEEK]

SAP sets date for A1S unveiling SAP is finally ready to disclose significant details about its A1S on-demand suite. [eWEEK]

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I understand that Agile require very minimal documenatation and I feel it create more redundence code if developer does not work on project which is not having any design. Everyone will strat creating their classes and strat using it.
Could you please to understand how this can be eliminated in Agile?
one way to keep design intact and promote reusability is to use UML diagrams and check in complete model file as artifact in the subversion. any uml tool can create collaboration diagrams from sequence diagrams and its a faster way of delivering as well.
you are still keeping documentation minimal and communicating through visual diagrams.