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Channel news: Microsoft patches DNS, zero-day; VMWare workstation shows VM future

Microsoft issues critical updates, patches DNS zero-day flaw Microsoft issued patches to plug 19 holes, including a critical zero-day DNS Server Service flaw as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday bulletin. []

VMware Workstation 6 foreshadows future VMware ESX releases New features in VMware Workstation 6, announced today, will eventually find their way in to the company’s server-focused ESX hypervisor.[]

Hewlett-Packard says quarterly results will top forecast The announcement pushed the company’s stock to its highest point in more than six years. [NYT]

CIOs struggle with open source governance, cite lack of toolsOpen source software is running amuck because IT managers can’t find the right tool to get their heads around the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of downloads within their networks.[]

Cisco Systems says quarterly earnings soared 34% The company said that its revenue increased 21 percent to $8.87 billion, from $7.32 billion in the year earlier period. [NYT]

Microsoft’s state of Vista: The first 100 days On May 8, Microsoft shared new data on the Vista “ecosystem” to prove the company’s contention that Vista is more market-ready than any previous version of Windows. Courtesy of Dave Wascha, director of partner platform marketing, here are Microsoft’s latest compatibility statistics, based on the first 100 days of product availability. [AllAboutMicrosoft]

Intel to update Centrino laptop hardware Intel Corp. is set to launch new hardware for laptop computers that the world’s biggest chipmaker hopes will keep it at the top of the fastest-growing segment of the personal computer market. [Reuters]

Cable-based VoIP will drive U.S. market forward: Report JupiterResearch projects that the Voice over Internet Protocol telephony market will top 25 million
US households by 2012, driven by greater broadband subscribership and the expansion by cable operators into new markets. According to the study, growth in cable-based VoIP will drive the market going forward, while several factors put the future of the single-play VoIP segment in question. [Tekrati]

SAP plans to buy OutlookSoft Business software maker SAP AG announced plans Tuesday to buy OutlookSoft Corp. and its line of technology products tailored for budgeting and financial forecasts, the latest development in SAP’s duel with Oracle Corp. [AP]

New laptop data protection comes in a USB flash card An analyst says that the low price point and ease of use could compel consumers, small and midsize businesses, and remote offices to buy a new package that includes IBM security software. [eWEEK]

Ericsson and Sun to develop open source-based server Telecom equipment maker Ericsson said on Tuesday it would join forces with U.S. computer maker Sun Microsystems to develop an open source Java technology-based multimedia application server. [Reuters]

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Any device that is not in your immediate line of sight and total control should be considered open to compromise, and that's putting it mildly. when we put our critical information in the cloud, we have to expect that it can be compromised. If we are truly concerned about something being compromised that we value highly, perhaps cloud storage isn't where that information should go. Cloud security gets better each year, but if you are truly scared of losing something of importance, don't put it where it could potentially be compromised. Yes, if you also state that having everything local is also risky, thank you for playing,and you are correct :). We can't block all possibly security risks, but we can mitigate a lot of them with common sense and due diligence.



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