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Channel news: Microsoft adds to Longhorn; Vista SP1 fixes on the way

Microsoft roping more into Longhorn Server release  Software maker says it has added to Longhorn Server since the last major test version and that the OS is on track for release later this year. [CNET]

Vista SP1: To be or not to be? This week in Security Blog Log: The owner of The blog sparks controversy by posting what he claims are 100 fixes slated for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1).

More Windows patches coming next week In a preview of next week’s monthly patch release, Microsoft said it plans to issue four more Windows updates on top of the ANI fix it rushed out this week.[]

Wireless VoIP market to grow rapidly VoIP and Voice over Wi-Fi markets are expected to be strong in 2007 and remain so through 2012.[]

BlackBerrys, laptops blur work/home balance: poll Staying in touch constantly by using laptops, BlackBerrys and other wireless devices has blurred the line between a person’s professional and personal life, according to a new survey. [Reuters]

New technology lets you read your voice mail Several companies are betting on voice-recognition applications that transcribe those rambling messages into e-mail or text messages. [CNET]

New Harris Poll: Vista awareness up, sales not Another day; another Windows Vista poll. The latest comes from the consumer-survey kingpins at Harris Interactive. Their findings?
Vista awareness is up, but sales aren’t following suit — at least not yet.
[All About Microsoft]

Prices for `.com’ and `.net’ to Rise The master-keeper of Internet addresses ending in “.com” and “.net” – two of the most popular domain name suffixes – said Thursday it would raise fees charged to register those names. [Reuters]

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