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Channel news: Microsoft accuses open-source of 235 patent violations

Microsoft puts a figure on open source ‘patent infringements’ Microsoft’s top lawyer says open source software violates exactly 235 entries in the firm’s vast patent portfolio. General counsel Brad Smith released the figure to Fortune as part of Microsoft’s long-running campaign to seed doubts over the legality of Linux and other open source efforts. [TheReg]

Microsoft unveils hardware for Web phone push Microsoft Corp. introduced on Sunday phones, headsets and other devices to work with its software that aim to replace the traditional office phone and deliver e-mails, instant messages and phone calls over the Internet. [Reuters]

Death of disk-drive business unfounded: Barron’s Reports of the disk-drive business’ demise have been greatly exaggerated, according to a report in Barron’s. [eWEEK]

U.S. rep. sounds IT wake-up call Tennessee Congressman Bart Gordon demands more reliable data on the effects of offshoring on the tech work force, and urges science and technology workers to acquire skills that will differentiate them from foreign competitors. [eWEEK]

SanDisk and Microsoft BFFs around software-stuffed memory Microsoft and SanDisk have inked a deal to create USB flash drives and memory cards with built-in software and user preferences to replace SanDisk’s existing U3 Cruzer line. [TheReg]

A nod to journalistic integrity is seen in an editor’s return The International Data Group removed the chief executive of its largest-circulation computer magazine, PC World, and reinstated its top editor. [NYT]

Pirate Bay plundered by hackers Bloggy data pillage. [TheReg]

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