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Channel news: IT glitch grounds United; tape loss affects 225K taxpayers

United grounded by computer failure Unfriendly skies. [TheReg]

Ohio Gov.: stolen tape had taxpayer info  A missing computer backup tape containing personal information on state employees also holds the names and Social Security numbers of 225,000 taxpayers, Gov. Ted Strickland said. [AP]

Gateway recalls 14,000 laptop batteries  Gateway recalls batteries from 4-year-old notebooks. [DailyTech]

HP shores up security with purchase, portfolio HP’s planned purchase of SPI comes two weeks after IBM moved to buy Watchfire, one of SPI’s chief rivals. [eWEEK]

New reliability rules put a charge in IT spending by utilities New federal regulations that could result in fines of up to $1 million a day for utilities that suffer blackouts are prompting an increase in IT spending, particularly on cybersecurity technology. [Computerworld]

Microsoft grows its Office Live family It’s been a while since the Office Live team has made any public announcements. But behind the scenes, the unit is expanding its stable of offerings to include a number of Microsoft managed services that curretly aren’t thought of as “Office Live.” [All About Microsoft]

HP touts web 2.0 printing strategy Hewlett-Packard’s “Print 2.0” strategy focuses on making it easier for customers to print Web-based content. [eWEEK]

Talk turns to future for data storage at HP Tech Forum From primary storage data deduplication to 8 Gbps FC, analysts and HP reps have their eyes on what’s coming down the road at this year’s HP conference.[]

CRM’s next step CRM has evolved from “big bang” deployments to smaller, tactical ones. Now organizations are starting to think both near- and long-term when it comes to CRM.[]

Seagate, Samsung begin to ship 1tb desktop hard drives Seagate and Samsung join Hitachi to make the 1TB desktop drive battlefield a 3-way bout. [DailyTech]

Blades and virtualization: Don’t believe the hype Speaking at a Gartner summit last week, analyst John Enck weighed in on blade servers and server virtualization, and put some of the hype to rest.[]

Tech execs see convergence lifting broadband demand Top telecommunications executives attending an industry conference this week forecast wireless, video and Internet services would increasingly converge, bolstering demand for Internet network capacity. [Reuters]

Circuit City posts loss and withdraws guidance The electronics retailer reported a $54.6 million first-quarter loss and withdrew its financial guidance for fiscal 2008 as it cut jobs and revamped. [NYT]

Review: Windows’ Safari Spartan, not essential Computer users can be forgiven for yawning at Apple’s recent decision to bring its Safari Web browser to machines running Microsoft Windows. [AP]

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