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Channel news: Hackers Google data; Symantec frets over Vista

Hacker techniques use Google to unearth sensitive data Those who know where to look could use Google to dig up all sorts of sensitive company information, including intellectual property and passwords, one security expert warns. []

Symantec concerned over Vista tunneling protocol Updated: Security company Symantec says new research supports fears that
Vista’s use of the IP tunneling protocol Teredo is potentially insecure. [eWEEK]

Researchers track down a plague of fake Web pages Microsoft researchers say they have traced the companies and techniques behind thousands of spam Web pages. [NYT]

Windows Vista is less secure than XP: Kaspersky Security company Kaspersky has said that Windows Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), the system of user privileges that can be used to restrict users’ administrative rights, will be so annoying that users will disable it. “There’s a question mark if Vista security has improved, or has really dropped down,” said Kaspersky’s chief executive. [ZDNet]

Most computer attacks originate in U.S. The  United States generates more malicious computer activity than any other country, and sophisticated hackers worldwide are banding together in highly efficient crime rings, according to a new report from Symantec. [AP]

TPC-C benchmark gives way to OLTP successor The Transaction Processing Performance Council has a new transaction performance benchmark that it says is more real-world.[]

Google confirms Adscape buy In-game adverts. [TheReg]

Ballmer says Google growth strategy ‘insane’ Tech world amazed by relative politeness. [TheReg]

A peek into Fujitsu’s future Colored e-paper, waterproof RFID tags and vein-pattern readers were among the products touted at the company’s technology forum. [CNET]

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