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Channel news: Google buys Postini; Buy a zero-day on eBay

Google to buy e-mail security company for $625 million Google said on Monday it has agreed to acquire e-mail security company Postini for $625 million. Postini supplies on-demand communications security and compliance products to more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide. [CNET]

Security firm auctions bugs Psst. Want to buy a zero-day? A Swiss startup called WabiSabiLabi Ltd. has some for sale, but to qualified buyers only. Last week, the company launched a security vulnerability marketplace, where details on unpatched software flaws can be bought and sold. [PC World]

Vista SP1 beta 1 to launch in mid-July It’s official: We are now in the under-promise and over-deliver era at Microsoft. Just when Microsoft had customers, partners and competitors all believing that it was going to delay the first service pack for Vista — not releasing a first beta of it until just before year-end — the company is set to deliver Beta 1 of Vista SP1 in mid-July. []

Dell’s Linux desktop line keeps expanding When Dell first announced that it would be releasing Ubuntu Linux-powered consumer desktops and laptops, some people saw it as more of a stunt than a serious business move. They were wrong. [eWeek]

Technology’s untanglers: They make it really work The work of usability professionals, who bridge the gap between the makers and users of a product, has recently developed into a solid career track. [The New York Times]

GPLv3 causing cracks in the Microsoft/Novell partnership? Despite Microsoft’s attempt to dissociate itself from GPLv3 software, Novell is embracing the new licence. One of the motivations behind GPLv3 was to remove the opportunity for discriminatory patent licences such as the agreement between Microsoft and Novell. [iTWire]

Lexmark slashes profit outlook on weak sales Computer printer maker Lexmark International Inc. slashed its second-quarter earnings outlook, citing disappointing revenue from both hardware and inkjet supplies, driving its shares down 11 percent. [Reuters]

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