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Channel news: First iPhone bugs; Msft buys datacenters, offers services?

iPhone coughs up first bugs Researchers are already finding iPhone security issues, including at least one Safari browser bug and a voice mail vulnerability. [eWEEK]

Microsoft buys two datacenters for $200 million Just before its fiscal 2007 came to a close last week, Microsoft snapped up two datacenters from Savvis, an infrastructure provider. Plans “to make substantial investments in the services area and would be hiring more people to work on its Live initiative, as well as beefing up its infrastructure that would power its burgeoning family of services. “ [All About Microsoft]

Poor record keeping costs Ingram Ingram Micro issued an earnings warning today — but VARs shouldn’t panic over an IT spending slowdown. While Ingram’s sales remain on track, the distributor needs to set aside money related to an SEC investigation involving McAfee. Ingram is putting aside roughly $15 million because the company allegedly failed to keep proper records for its McAfee relationship. As a result, Ingram allegedly caused some of McAfee’s recent problems with the SEC, according to AP. [TechIQ]

The top Linux support weaknesses, then and now Is Linux support enterprise-ready yet? Gaps still exist, users say, even though commercial support for Red Hat, Novell SUSE and even new distros like Ubuntu has improved hugely since canvassed IT managers in 2003.[]

Beijing scores number one spot for malware Some 40 percent of the world’s Net-borne malware launched from
China in June — nearly doubling May’s percentage. Australia and Spain also made no friends in Network Box’s monthly survey. But a curious competition is underway in some quarters. [Computerworld]

Institutional idiocy in IT High tech narcissism or old fashioned stupidity? [TheReg]

Massachusetts kowtows to Microsoft Redmond’s ‘open’ standards approved. [TheReg]

Application security takes on greater importance in Web 2.0 Web 2.0 applications have the same vulnerabilities as regular applications. Security evangelist Michael Sutton explains how to use application security methods in a dynamic Web environment.[]

Google buys GrandCentral – Prepare to combine all your vmail and phone #’s You get one phone number that you can set to ring all, some, or none of your phones, based on who’s calling. You also get one central voice mailbox and can listen to your voicemails online or from any phone. You can even listen in on messages from your phone while they are being recorded, or switch a call from your cell to your desk and back again. [Google via Digg]

IBM hits software with 20 per cent Power6 tax hike Einstein needed for next DB2. [TheReg]

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