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Channel news: Feds expose private citizen data; offers CRM-free version

Federal Web site exposes private U.S. citizen data Major federal website problem discovered by a farmer in Illinois who Googled herself. DailyTech] offers CRM-free product With its Platform Edition, users can deploy on-demand applications from the company’s AppExchange without buying and underlying CRM license. []

Disgruntled techie attempts Californian power blackout Counter-terror feds swoop after data centre sabotage. [TheReg]

Microsoft inks more Novell-like patent-infringement deals Both Fuji Xerox — and now Samsung — quietly have signed deals that “allow” them to sell their products without the threat of a Microsoft suit claiming patent infringement by Linux on Microsoft Windows and other products hanging over their heads.[AllAboutMicrosoft]

Russians crack OpenOffice security Software utility unlocks locked documents. [TheReg]

Red Hat’s JBoss to adopt fedora model The JBoss division of Red Hat is slated to move to a model in which its source code control system will be public and backward compatibility is not guaranteed, sources say. [eWEEK]

Microsoft outlines Visual Studio Team System’s future Microsoft’s forthcoming VSTS release, code-named
Rosario, emphasizes collaboration and productivity, not just for development but for project management and help desk systems, too.

RIM to unveil new software application BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. is introducing a software application that can make Palm Treos and other Windows-based mobile devices made by rivals work like a BlackBerry.. [AP]

SWsoft adds cheaper intro to virtualization Company hopes to find new customers with a $1,198 starter edition that limits customers to fewer virtualized environments. [CNET]

Corporate Web 2.0 limited by IT resources Death by dearth. [TheReg]

Report: Intel gains back market share from AMD  Following a weak first quarter, AMD lost market share to its main rival, Intel, during the first three months of this year, according to a new report. [eWEEK]

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