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Channel news: Feds award $50B to 29 VARs; FCC gives Google some props

U.S. awards $50 bln technology contract to 29 firms The U.S. government said on Tuesday it had chosen 29 companies to provide information technology products to federal agencies in a contract worth up to $50 billion. [Reuters]

F.C.C. hands Google a partial victory The Federal Communications Commission moved cautiously toward creating an open wireless broadband network as it weighed the interests of cellphone carriers and other contenders. [NYT]

IBM helps customers get a supercomputer on the cheap IBM ratcheted the world of supercomputing up a few notches in June with the Blue Gene/P, a system nearly three times as fast as its predecessor at a cost of $1.3 million per rack. But in anticipation of the Blue Gene/P, IBM dropped the price of the Blue Gene/L, to about $800,000 late last year and prompting sales of Blue Gene/L to more than doubling the first half of this year, compared to the second half of 2006. [NetworkWorld]

Second SAP ERP enhancement pack focuses on SOA, process improvement SAP’s second SAP ERP enhancement package includes e-learning, industry improvements and enterprise services. []

DRAMeXchange: Notebook makers face parts shortage Makers of laptop computers are facing a shortage of components that could get worse this quarter, semiconductor price tracker and electronics market researcher DRAMeXchange says. [eWEEK]

New bill criminalizes attempted IP infringement Attempt to infringe carry same penalties as successful infringement. [DailyTech]

FCC sets airwaves sale rule The Federal Communications Commission voted to shake up the wireless market on Tuesday by approving rules for a big airwaves auction that would require the winner to make them accessible to any cell phone or other device. [Reuters]

Verizon earnings rise 4.5% for the quarter The increased earnings stemmed from growth in the company’s wireless and advance Internet and video services. [NYT]

Techies sue Universal Media Group for overtime pay You load sixteen servers, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. [TheReg]

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