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Channel news: Ethernet/Fibre connection spec pitched; NAC products may fail

Companies propose Ethernet/SAN love-in A gaggle of top networking and storage vendors have submitted a new standards proposal that will allow Fibre Channel protocol over Ethernet networks.  [TheReg]

NAC attack: today’s products will fail, report says Vendors say modern NAC products will fall by the wayside in favor of software-based technologies that manage risk by integrating endpoint security, access control, identity and risk management. [eWEEK]

Sun’s complaint on chip maker is dismissed Hynix Semiconductor has won a dismissal of claims by Sun Microsystems that it conspired to drive up memory chip prices, overcharging chip buyers. [NYT]

H.P. tries to create printers that love the Web Hewlett-Packard is devising ways to get people to print Web pages instead of reading them on-screen. [NYT]

Goldman Sachs: Interest in NetApp SAN products wanes A survey by the investment firm shows enterprise storage buyers had a declining interest in NetApp SAN products over the last year. []

Microsoft gains tech computing toehold Compute cluster product has some appeal to customers who need integration with regular Windows machines. [CNET]

Judge rules Vonage can’t seek customers Internet phone company Vonage Holdings Corp. will be barred from signing up new customers as punishment for infringing on patents held by Verizon Communications Inc., under an injunction ordered Friday. [AP]

Acer up, Dell down in laptop sales Acer overtakes Toshiba. [TheReg]

Intel Launches Quad-core Chip for Desktop Gamers  Intel Corp. is launching a quad-core chip for desktop gamers on Monday, continuing a barrage of new products the company has announced in the past week. [PCWorld]

New WiMAX broadband technology a boon for labels If you’ve never heard the term “WiMAX” before, don’t sweat it. You’re probably not alone. [Reuters]

AmeriVault touts tiered online backup A new lifecycle service automatically migrates older backup files to cheaper storage at AmeriVault facilities.[]

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