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Channel news: Dell installs Linux; Exchange gets service; IBM disses Oracle

Dell computers get Linux pre-installed After all the speculation, Dell has announced it will start selling computers with pre-installed Linux distributions instead of Microsoft Windows. [TechTree]

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 gets a due dateMicrosoft’s Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack (SP) 1 now has an official due date: Same time as Longhorn Server in the latter half of 2007.
[All About Microsoft]

Intel pushes denser data centres Intel has kicked off a campaign to make data centres more efficient and less environmentally damaging. Paradoxically, one of its key messages seems to be that companies need to refresh their servers – ie. buy new ones – more often. [TheReg]

IBM not ready to say Oracle’s Linux compatibleIBM is not ready to guarantee that its computer programs are compatible with Oracle Corp.’s recently launched version of the Linux operating system, an IBM spokesman said on Friday. [Reuters]

IBM patches flaws in DB2 databaseMultiple vulnerabilities could be exploited by attackers. [eWEEK]

Oracle puts low-price on information Launches free download Information Lifecycle Managment assistant. [TheReg]

A software maker goes up against MicrosoftVMware is the early leader in a fast-growing market for virtual-machine software, putting it on a collision course with Microsoft. [NYT]

Compliance worries could shut out Google business appsThe search engine company is making a play for corporate users, but the jury is still out on whether Web-based apps can meet strict requirements for compliance and security.[]

Adtron announces 160GB solid-state DriveAdtron’s solid-state discs will offer read speeds of up to 70MB/sec. [DailyTech]

Samsung almost doubles graphics memory speed Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics claims to have increased the data transfer speed of the world’s fastest graphics memory – GDDR4 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 4) by two-thirds. [ITWire]

Microsoft’s patent disputes with Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T make wavesThe fates of the two patent infringement cases are intertwined, and the results will affect companies beyond Microsoft. [eWEEK]

Google offers 10 GB inboxThe search engine giant is offering an email application on a subscription basis with five times the storage capacity of the free version.[]

Microsoft seeking SaaS, Web 2.0 partners Not even a club with no rules…yet. [TheReg]

BitTorrent launches legal online video service BitTorrent, the online video-sharing site once known as a tool to get pirated movies and television shows online, introduces its legal downloading service today. [SanFran Chronicle]

Founder of Netscape ditches Windows for the Mac “Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, and co-founder of LoudCloud (Opsware) and Ning has finally said good bye to the Windows life, and switched to a Mac.” [GigaOM]

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