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Channel news: Dell financial ‘misconduct;’ details on TJX errors

Dell reports it has found financial‘misconduct’ Dell said “evidence of misconduct” had been uncovered in an internal investigation of its financial practices over several years. [NYT]

What happened in TJX security failings? If company execs need a lesson on what not to do before and after a data breach, experts say there’s plenty to learn from a regulatory document TJX filed with the SEC Wednesday.

Will data breach be the end of TJX? This week in Security Blog Log: Industry experts say companies can learn from a data breach and even prosper from it. But is TJX following the right example?[]

PC Makers: Vista brings little joy so far  After all the hype surrounding its January launch, Microsoft’s new
Vista operating system has yet to brighten the outlook for PC makers and could even lead to oversupplies for those who had built up inventory. [ChannelWeb]

Check your nets — Fortune 1000 companies may be major bot hosts When it comes to bot-infested PCs that spew spam, most of us assume the owners are newbie users too naive or careless to follow basic security measures. Think again. There’s a good chance that the penis enlargement email that just landed in your inbox is from a network maintained by Oracle, Hewlett-Packard or some other Fortune 1000 company. [TheReg]

Exploit for latest Windows vuln already animated A vulnerability in the way Windows handles animated cursors puts users at risk of being pwnd, and several nefarious websites are already trying to exploit the flaw, according to the SANS Internet Storm Center. [TheReg]

VoIP network monitoring improves VoIP deployment VoIP network monitoring and pre-deployment analysis are becoming more important as VoIP application overlay becomes denser, according to results from Network Instruments’ recent survey.[]

Microsoft makes copying Vista a monster task From the box to the code,
Redmond is clamping down, forcing pirates to go to greater lengths to create “Frankenbuilds” that can evade detection. [CNET]

Red Hat deflates Wall St. expectations Fails to show us the money. [TheReg]

Seagate prepping 1TB Barracuda The thousand gigabyte-per-disk era is almost upon us. [DailyTech]

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