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Channel news: Dell buys MSP ISV; court allows warrantless snoop

Dell Shakes up MSP market Michael Dell has been evaluating the managed services market for several months. Now, he’s finally making his move. Dell Inc. today acquired Silverback Technologies, an MSP platform provider. The deal shakes up the fiercely competitive MSP market and the channel. [TechIQ]

Court ruling allows government to snoop without warrant A controversial court ruling has attorneys and groups like the EFF up in arms. [DailyTech]

EMC, HDS kick off thin provisioning cage match EMC, trailing HDS with thin provisioning, is sniping at HDS’s offering. Meanwhile, users increasingly tune out the soap opera and look to emerging vendors for new features. []

Disney subcontractor caught selling customer data Here’s a goofy story that’s not the least bit funny: A subcontractor for a company handling credit-card info for the Disney Movie Club has been arrested for trying to sell customers’ personal data to undercover law enforcement agents. [Computerworld]

DOS vulnerability in Cisco WAAS software The Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) software contains a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability that may cause some devices that run WAAS software (WAE appliance and NM-WAE-502 module) to stop processing all types of traffic, including data traffic and management traffic. This condition may occur if a device running WAAS software is configured for Edge Services, which utilizes Common Internet File System (CIFS) optimization and receives a flood of TCP SYN packets on port 139 or 445. [Cisco]

SAP’s A1S, All-in-One or Business One; what are midmarket firms to choose? With SAP set to introduce A1S in 2008, speculation continues as to whether it will compete with the company’s other midmarket offerings. []

Toshiba asks for more batteries back Another laptop goes foom. [TheReg]

Open source and mission critical: The Linux application server landscape In this interview with, analyst Michael Dortch of the Robert Frances Group weighs the pros and cons of IBM WebSphere with those of JBoss. []

Feds scramble to meet data breach deadline Deadline for federal agencies’ policies for dealing with data breaches approaches and it’s not yet clear whether everyone will be done in time. [CNET]

Explosion cuts Manhattan Internet service Major Verizon switches underground were not affected, the company says. [eWEEK]

Global PC shipments up 12% in 2Q Worldwide shipments of personal computers rose strongly in the second quarter due to growing demand in Asia and unexpected strength in the U.S., two research companies reported Wednesday. [AP]

Juniper Networks posts a profit as sales of Internet gear climb Juniper Networks reported a second-quarter profit of $86.2 million, on a more-than-expected revenue increase of 17%. [NYT]

Walmart to sell $300 PC with Vista, + OpenOffice Walmart will start selling a $300 PC with Vista Basic and no Trialware. PC made by Everex with 1.5Ghz Processor, 1GB RAM and 80 GB Hard Drive. The PC will also include free OpenOffice pre-installed. It looks like Walmart finally is getting something right! [Ars Technica, via Digg]

Sony Unveils high-end, ultraportable Vaio The company’s soon-to-be-released Viao TZ laptop, with optional solid state drive, carries a hefty price tag. [eWEEK]

Making the business case for 11g Oracle needs to ensure corporate executives understand the business value of new database’s functionality. [eWEEK]

IBM’s 2Q earnings up 12% Already on a tear lately, shares of International Business Machines Corp. got another bounce after the technology company reported a 12 percent jump in quarterly earnings and improved its outlook for the rest of the year. [AP]

How to spot a failing project Often, the difference between success and failure is spotting critical early warning signs that a project is in trouble. Here are a few ways to identify the symptoms. [CIO]

World’s least successful eBay merchant sells a PS2 and £44,000 for £95 We’ve had stories about the world’s angriest eBay seller, but perhaps now we’ve found the world’s worst eBay seller. A kid in England won an auction for a Playstation 2 for 95 pounds, but when it was sent to him, it also included 44,000 pounds in cash. The kid’s parents have turned the money over to police, who are investigating the matter. The PS2 was also supposed to come with two games, though they weren’t included — but somehow we imagine that, even in the UK, 44 grand should be enough to pick up a few replacement copies. [Techdirt]