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Channel news: Data-theft-suspects arrested; TJX errors listed

Men arrested in Stop & Shop data theftsFour California men were arrested in what police said was a scheme to switch checkout-lane credit card readers at Stop & Shop supermarkets as a way to steal customers’ numbers and passwords. [Redmond]

PCI DSS auditors see lessons in TJX data breachFollowing the recent TJX data breach, several PCI Data Security Standard auditors say the retailer violated basic requirements of the PCI DSS. But they say there are lessons to be learned from TJX’s mistakes. []

Multiple Vulnerabilities in 802.1X SupplicantThe Cisco Secure Services Client (CSSC) is a software client that enables customers to deploy a single authentication framework using the 802.1X authentication standard across multiple device types to access both wired and wireless networks. A lightweight version of the CSSC client is also a component of the Cisco Trust Agent (CTA) within the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Framework solution. [Cisco]

Warezov worm fiends target Skype Dial M for Malware. [TheReg]

Sun strikes back at worm targeting telnet bugUpdated: Sun Microsystems crafts an inoculation script to help computers infected with a worm that is exploiting a recently patched vulnerability in its Solaris 10 operating system. [eWEEK]

Backup vendors refresh open source products BakBone and Zmanda announce updates to their products this week meant to take advantage of growth in the number of enterprises using open source applications.[

Oracle deal for Hyperion is expectedOracle is near a deal to acquire Hyperion Solutions, which makes business analysis software, for about $3 billion. [NYT]

Man accused of defrauding Cisco of millions in hardwareThe man allegedly used false identities and private mailboxes in at least 39 states to commit at least 700 instances of fraud against Cisco. [ChannelWeb]

Why Dell and other major hardware vendors won’t do desktop Linux preinstallation Dell’s recent IdeaStorm experiment reveals increasing demand for Linux and open-source software on the desktop. But for a multitude of pragmatic, ideological, and economic reasons, it is unlikely that Dell will expand desktop Linux preinstallation support to a broader selection of the company’s offerings in the near future. [Ars Technica]

Short CIO tenures paralyze ITCompanies with unstable CIO positions are short-sheeting not only IT, but their business objectives as well. Want long-term success? Keep your CIO.[]

AMD’s first integrated graphics chipset The first product since AMD’s much talked about, $5.4 billion ATI acquisition last year, has been unveiled. At an event in
San Francisco yesterday, AMD announced its new 690 chipset, calling it the company’s first hardware platform to feature an ATI graphics processor integrated into its chipset for Athlon 64 processors. [TechTree]

Microsoft to charge for Daylight Saving hotfixes for older productsIf you need to patch for Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes older Microsoft products that already have moved from “Mainstream” to “Extended” support phase, Microsoft will give you a chance to buy the hotfixes you need — for $4,000.[All About Microsoft]

Green Grid tackles how to measure power usageThe Green Grid opens for business, with a charter, a high-powered board and an invitation to others to get behind the cause.[]

HP’s blades go virtual – six months late Better abstract than never. [TheReg]

Report: Beware of hype surrounding dual-mode phonesThere are other ways to tie together wireless, wireline networks besides Wi-Fi/cellular handsets, research firm says. [CNET]

HP denies pretexting former employeeCompany says in court filing it never accessed phone records of a former exec it is suing over alleged theft of trade secrets. [CNET]

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