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Channel news: Cisco, MSFT link on virtualization; backup reports add capacity plans

Cisco, Microsoft discuss aligning virtualization efforts Cisco and Microsoft executives say their virtualization technology programs are complementary, not adversarial. [eWEEK]

Backup reporting expands to add capacity planning Aptare adds capacity planning for primary data storage to its product line, joining Symantec in recent attempts to broaden the appeal of reporting software. []

Dell’s iSCSI assault revealed Dell is set to unveil a new iSCSI system called MD3000i. The unit will reportedly run on the same physical platform as the MD3000, which is Dell’s direct attached SAS device. At launch, the MD3000i will only support 400GB SAS drives. By November, however, the product should have 750GB SATA drives available. [TheReg]

VMware launches professional partners program Participants can resell VMware’s entire product line, not just a subset of its products, the company annoucnes at XChange ’07 conference. [ChannelWeb]

Sun’s data center consolidation reduces space, servers Sun Microsystems’ new Santa Clara data center consolidation packs in four times the computing power in 62% less square footage than its old Newark, Calif., facility. []

63% of malware emerges from U.S. sites, report says A Cyveillance report chronicles a continued rise in malware distribution and phishing attacks. [eWEEK]

Companies clamping down on messaging Whenever a doctor, nurse or administrator in Georgia’s DeKalb Medical Center sends an e-mail, the message detours through a special box in the three-hospital system’s computing cluster. The box analyzes the e-mail, scanning for sensitive information like patient names, prescription histories and Social Security numbers. [AP]

Site lets techies swap beta test invites As many techies know, getting in on a hot new startup’s invite-only “beta” test can be tough. [AP]

Brocade securities probe hits former CFO Looking the other way? That’s a paddlin’ [TheReg]

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