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Channel news: Black Hat updates — making Mozilla save and VoIP risky

Making open-source browsing safe for the masses Black Hat: A short conversation with Mozilla’s ‘chief security something or other.’ [TheReg]

Apple releases fixes for Mac OS X, iPhone vulnerabilities Apple Computer has released software patches fixing critical vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and its newly released iPhone. []

Black Hat 2007: VoIP security reaches tipping point VoIP security is as bad today as it was a couple years ago, industry experts say. But PGP creator Phil Zimmermann thinks his new Zfone software will help turn the tide. []

Black Hat 2007: New database forensics tool could aid data breach cases Database security researcher, David Litchfield of UK-based NGS Software will release a free Forensic Examiners Database Scalpel, he says could aid data breach investigations. []

Silverlight, Ajax and the Rich Internet Application Developers got a look at Silverlight at The Ajax Experience. They also saw how it compares to, and contrasts with, Ajax as a Rich Internet Application development framework. []

Lenovo profits soar Net income leaps 13-fold. [TheReg]

Cisco network design certification gets update Cisco has updated its professional network design certification, CCDP, to account for new levels of intelligence embedded in a service-oriented architecture. []

Intel looks to 2008 for WiMax push Intel and partners SprintNextel and Clearwire will begin testing WiMax later in 2007 and into next year. [eWEEK]

Works 9.0 to come in both free and paid flavors Microsoft is still planning to offer a paid version of the next version of its consumer/home-office productivity suite. It will cost $39.95 at retail — about $10 per copy less than Works 8.0. Still no word from the Softies on the free, ad-funded version of its consumer/home productivity suite that is allegedly in the pipeline. [All About Microsoft]

Judge ruled against NSA surveillance in US Bush move against star-chamber not coincidental. [TheReg]

Former national security boss: Bush admin leaves holes in cyberspace Former Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Instead of debating stem cell research or whether to teach evolution in schools, we should be having the debate about how to secure cyberspace. [eWEEK]

Sales buoy CA CA Inc., which makes management software, said first-quarter profits were up sharply. [NYT]

Kenya wants to grab piece of outsourcing pie Instead of Bangalore, could it be Nairobi that banking customers from rich countries talk to next year? [Reuters]

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