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Channel news: Apple profits soar; data loss at US .mil; Seagate to stop making IDE

Apple profit soars 73% as sales rise The results exceeded analysts’ expectations as the company reported strong sales of iPods and Macintosh computers, as well as the sale of 270,000 iPhones. [NYT]

Data loss blights US military, Aussie bank, and Fox network Butterfingers all round. [TheReg]

Symantec sales up, but profits drop Norton suite secures revenue. [TheReg]

Seagate plans to stop manufacturing IDE drives by year end Seagate plans to cease manufacturing IDE hard drives by the end of the year and will focus exclusively on SATA-based products. Seagate is the first major hard drive manufacturer to announce such plans, though others will likely follow suit as SATA continues to sap PATA’s market share. [ArsTechnica]

Microsoft updates Process Monitor with v1.2 A minor release of Microsoft’s Process Monitor version 1.2 gives IT managers more features for tracking unusual system activity. []

Toshiba laptops get wireless dock Toshiba Corp. on Wednesday announced that it has started selling the first laptops with a new high-speed technology that allow them to connect wirelessly to a docking station that can support an external monitor. [AP]

VAI, Berbee partner on ERP bundle VAI and Berbee will bundle software with IBM servers to reach small and midsize businesses, and are considering a hosted delivery option. [eWEEK]

Wi-Fi muscling in on RFID’s location-based services markets, The large and growing installed base of Wi-Fi equipment means new opportunities for using Wi-Fi in unorthodox ways. One of the most interesting is the growing trend towards using Wi-Fi to provide real-time location services for asset management, security, and work-in-progress tracking, which have traditionally been the province of proprietary RFID solutions.

HP Thermal Zone Mapping plots data center hot spots Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced Thermal Zone Mapping, a 3-D image of a data center’s power and cooling profile, which may add momentum to their push for more blade servers in the data center. []

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