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Channel news: $38 billion typo; biker gang hacker IT; IBM/Cisco emergency services

Computer error rocks Alaska’s fund Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroy hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disc drive containing an account worth $38 billion. [AP]

Outlaw biker gangs have set up their own IT departments Organized crime groups, including outlaw biker gangs, have set up their own highly sophisticated IT departments for debit skimming and credit fraud operations. The IT expertise among organized criminal gangs is on par with legitimate business. [Calgary Sun via Digg]

IBM, Cisco partner on emergency services offering Companies’ new managed service is designed to serve government and corporate customers as a one-stop shop. [CNET]

Red Hat and Intel channels beat as one Red Hat is fast-tracking reseller accreditation to anyone with an Intel Premier or Associate badge. It’s free of charge too and it means that system builders don’t have to spend months to qualify for Red Hat approval. Before today, Red Hat would request a fee from any builder who wanted certifying. [TheReg]

Study — Mobile VoIP can deliver enterprise savings of over $150 per user per year Organizations adept at deploying mobile VoIP report saving over $150 per user per year and an average return on investment of 49%, according to a study by AberdeenGroup. [Tekrati]

Hackers broaden reach of cross-site scripting attacks An explosion of AJAX-based applications has increased the damage that cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks can inflict on machines. A new tool uses XSS flaws to create a botnet.

Capacity planner limits VMware consolidation ratio Capacity planning guru Tom Becchetti explains his less-is-more philosophy of deploying virtualization in the data center.[]

Microsoft’s Windows ‘Fiji’ on track to debut before Windows Seven It turns out that “Fiji” is, indeed, an interim Windows release and it is NOT Vista SP1. Fiji is the codename for the next version of Windows Media Center. And Microsoft’s plan of record is to release this next Windows Media Center build “out of band,” meaning in between core Windows releases.[All About Microsoft]

Debian man runs to Sun The lead developer of the Debian Linux project, Ian Murdock starts work tomorrow as the chief operating platforms officer at Sun. [The Inquirer]

Securing enterprise endpoints is key to IT control IT managers need all the help they can get locking down enterprise end points. This is especially true with mobile devices.[]

Dell perfects HP blade copy for Fall performance According to our sources, Dell will hit consumers with a 10U chassis that holds two layers of blades. Each layer should fit eight servers, leaving the whole chassis with 16 systems. The upcoming chassis, due in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter, will mark Dell’s third attempt at getting blade gear right. [TheReg]

The downside of Windows application server consolidation While server consolidation certainly has its benefits, it is not without its shortcomings. Expert Christa Anderson walks through the cost, memory and redundancy issues IT managers should be aware of when consolidating application servers.[]

How to time your gadget purchases: The ultimate guide You can own every gadget your heart desires, but why pay more than you have to? Here are 8 specific tips to help you get a better deal on those sexy must-have electronics. [The Free Geek]

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