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Channel headlines for Aug. 7, 2007: Lenovo to sell Linux; Ubuntu chief attacks MSFT

Lenovo to sell laptops with Linux Lenovo Group Ltd. , the world’s No. 3 PC maker, said on Monday it would start selling laptop computers preloaded with Linux software from Novell Inc. instead of Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system. [Reuters]

Ubuntu chief: Microsoft fracturing the open-source community Microsoft’s patent indemnity agreements with several Linux vendors are unsettling the marketplace, Ubuntu leader says. [eWEEK]

Survey: Cost of cybercrime reaches $7 billion A study by Consumer Reports finds cybercrime has cost U.S. consumers more than $7 billion during the last two years. [eWEEK]

Judge overturns $1.5 bln ruling against Microsoft A U.S. judge on Monday threw out a record $1.5 billion verdict against Microsoft Corp , ruling the world’s largest software had not infringed on audio technology patents held by France’s Alcatel-Lucent. [Reuters]

F5 buys Acopia for $210M F5 joins the storage market with the acquisition of file virtualization switch company Acopia. []

IBM to buy Princeton Softech for data management, archiving and classification IBM today announced plans to buy Princeton Softech — which makes data management, archiving and classification software — to bolster its Information on Demand initiative. []

Sun Microsystems announces faster chip UltraSPARC T2, the new chip, is twice as fast as the previous generation and will be available this year. [NYT]

Public beta of Microsoft Project open-source competitor to launch at Linuxworld

On August 7, the first day of the LinuxWorld San Francisco show, Projity will officially release a public beta of its freely downloadable open-source competitor to Microsoft Project project-management software. [All About Microsoft]

Hiring programmers and the high cost of low quality An anonymous reader writes “Why is it so hard to find good programmers? And why should companies favor hiring fewer more senior developers rather than many junior ones? Frank Wiles discusses his thoughts in his article A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality” [RevSys, via Slashdot]

20 things I learned from tech support Users can smell fear. Once you’ve lost control, all is lost. [Kludge Spot, via Digg]

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