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Cameos by Blue Angels, Marc Benioff highlight OOW

A late night cab trip from SFO to Union Square was lightened up a bit with the big Michael Dell billboard on the 101. It went something like this: Dell enjoys the best of both worlds: See @ Oracle OpenWorld.

Yes, Michael Dell will again keynote at OOW. In fact he’s got a double header. He’s going to speak on the OOW stage AND he’s going to be center stage with Marc Benioff at a OOW event as well.  Given that Oracle is now nearly officially in bed with Sun, Dell will enter the wide, wide world of coopetition with Oracle.


The floor literally shook at around 3:30 today in one of Moscone’s suberranean meeting rooms. We were informed that it was a flyover by the Blue Angels.  While Oracle would love to take credit for that show-stopper, the jets were really in town for Fleet Week. Oracle OpenWorld and Fleet Week sharing a venue? Insert your own joke here.


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