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CDP and open source storage — future of the VAR

Storage continues to be a hot topic among VARs, customers and the tech world in general. One area that’s had the magnifying glass help up to it is continuous data protection (CDP). The debate among experts is: which is better — true CDP or near CDP? True CDP offers a granular level of information management that allows for the storage “tape” to be rolled back to any point in time. This way, if any data is lost, true CDP has already captured it and can restore it. You may know a consumer product with similar capabilities: TiVO. Near CDP is basically taking a snapshot of a database on a predefined schedule — say, every ten minutes.

Still not clear on CDP? Get the low down on everything VARs need to know about CDP with our guide, Delivering continuous data protection services.

If you already use the technology, you should look at this article on the CDP debate by Jo Maitland on That debate may be moot if Mendocino can carry through with the promises that it is making.

One other piece of storage news of note: Open-source storage? This is one story that all storage VARs should be following. The opportunity to provide a storage service in an inexpensive, affective manner is astounding — not to mention that in addition to providing a valuable service, the opportunities for reoccurring revenue make the head spin.

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