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Brought to you by Microsoft: More bad ads

How is it possible that a company as successful as Microsoft can continue to put out such really, really bad ads?

My hand to god, I was watching something last night, admittedly bleary eyed with insomnia, when one of the new non-Seinfeld ads came on. As usual, Microsoft’s mantra is more is more (vs. the less is more gestalt of Apple’s great Mac vs. PC ads). There was a succession of people and one liners: (Some of the ads are here, although not this particular effort.)

“I fly in space, I’m a PC,” etc. etc.. The montage ended up with a scary-looking, bare-chested, well-inked tattoo artist (a PC.) His line “I make people bleed” ended the commercial.

Talk about an eye opener. Given the tales of Vista woe, why remind people of the pain involved in this upgrade?

So….can Microsoft get its $300 million back?

P.S. Btw, who cast Deepak Chopra and wrote his “human being” shpiel? In this case less would really, really be much more.

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