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BitTitan offers sales and marketing tools for partners

Last week, BitTitan launched the Azure Starter Kit, a set of tools and educational materials for service providers looking to build Azure cloud practices. The starter kit is part of BitTitan’s MSPComplete platform, which the vendor launched earlier this year. The goal of MSPComplete, according to Rocco Seyboth, vice president and general manager of BitTitan, is to help partners evolve their businesses into managed service provider (MSP) companies.

“The premise of MSPComplete is that most of the Microsoft partners are not in fact managed service providers. They call themselves MSPs and they let you think that they are, but the vast majority of them have figured out how to make money on migration but haven’t figured out how to create managed services to maintain relationships with customers, to get recurring revenue and to have value after the migration,” Seyboth said.

MSPComplete provides a range of tools to help sell cloud, onboard customers and offer managed services after cloud migrations.

To improve sales and marketing (commonly a weakness for MSPs) BitTitan shares detailed leads with partners, he said. In addition to basic information about a prospect’s vertical, size and location, leads will have information about the prospect’s environment and the cloud services currently used. The leads are run through Azure Machine Learning to predict the likelihood of the prospect will buy a Microsoft cloud service. “When the partner gets leads, they can filter by leads that are highly likely to adopt a cloud service like Office 365” and then create targeted campaigns, he said.
BitTitan partners can also then use the vendor’s sales automation software and Smart Script technology for guidance during conversations with prospects.

Other sales tools include a statement-of-work generator and integration with PIE (Microsoft’s Partner Investment Engine) to automatically display relevant incentives, funds and investment programs that are available.

MSPComplete also offers HealthCheck, a scanning tool for assessing a customer’s environment before performing migrations. The HealthCheck tool can also perform scans on an ongoing basis to create reports and identify up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.