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Big personnel change in biz-apps world

It’s been an active autumn among top-level business applications execs.

First, in a shake-up, Sage Software nuked a big part of its Americas leadership. Ron Verni and channel-and-strategy chief   Taylor MacDonald were gone as first reported  here.

And, also in mid-month, Oracle’s John Wookey, widely praised for his work integrating the PeopleSoft and Siebel goods into an overall Oralce portfolio took his leave as reported on this  blog and picked up by this one.

One shoe still to drop: where will   Tami Reller, who helped lead Microsoft Business Solutions chief end up? There is some speculation she could move to head one of Microsoft’s subsidiaries. Kiril Tatarinov now heads MBS

 Barbara Darrow, a Boston area freelancer, can be reached at

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