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Big changes for spawn of Perot

Wow.  it was quite a week for the IT brainchildren of H. Ross Perot.

On Monday, Dell announces a $3.9 billion buyout of Perot Systems to bulk up its enterprise IT services against nemesis Hewlett Packard. Two day later, that same HP drops the venerable EDS moniker it acquired a few years ago for a cool $12 billion and change.

Of course both HP’s purchase of EDS with all its service muscle was totally motivated by HP’s obsession with IBM Global Services. Dell’s “what about me?” deal for Perot  was driven by its analogous maniacal focus on HP. 

The EDS brand carries weight, so many aren’t sure what HP gains with this move other than more places to splash its logo. HP Enterprise Services? Meh.

Reaction among several VARs to Dell’s Perot move was bewilderment. “Wait, HP goes out and gets EDS, Perot’s grand creation, then Dell waits two years and buys the red-headed step child? It’s not even in the same league. Dell is just acting desperate,” he noted. (Of course this guy is definitely an HP partisan and a self-professed Dell hater.)

Another VAR countered that Perot Fortune 50 accounts could be a new captive audience for Dell servers.

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