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Big Blue, Apple and Microsoft Vienna?

The past couple of weeks have been a constant stream of Microsoft related news. Vista this; Vista that. So today I’m going to take a break — sort of.

An interesting little news nugget came floating down today from Microsoft. Apparently, if you haven’t been able to get enough Vista information, you don’t have to wait for the next announcement: Microsoft Vienna. That’s right. The successor is already starting to get a little bit of press coverage.

As depressing as that may be to you, it looks like Big Blue has got some good news. IBM’s open desktop software is being released as a direct competitor to the Windows platform in the corporate environment. The goal is to allow enterprises to lower the cost of managing an Apple or Linux box in the workplace. This release could have an interesting ripple affect across the VAR community. Instead of focusing primarily on Microsoft support, you may begin having to support and maintain Apple-rich environments. Who knows if that switch will actually happen but it is worth watching over the next few months and years.

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