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Benioff to take stage at Oracle OpenWorld

This is interesting: CEO (and former Oracle guy) Marc Benioff will speak at Oracle OpenWorld next Tuesday alongside Michael Dell.

For those who haven’t followed the labyrinthine tales of the rapport, believe it, this is interesting. says this will be an official OOW event although it will be held  at the Yerba Buena Arts Center a venue that is very close to but may not be part of OOW’s overall Moscone Center site.

Ellison sat on’s board and was often portrayed as a father/mentor figure to young Benioff. Then came some unpleasantness when he left the board and as Oracle continued its relationship with competitor NetSuite (formerly NetLedger) led by other former Oracle execs. Conflict of interest? “Feh,” says Larry.

Michael Dell has been a highlighted keynoter at Oracle OpenWorld before, especially when Oracle and Sun parted ways over Oracle’s embrace of Linux and cheapo blade hardware. Now that Oracle owns Sun and its SPARC franchise, Scott McNealy is back on the docket, sharing a keynote stage with Larry Ellison next Sunday night.

There may have to be sort of flow chart to track all this inter-vendor-relationship-angst, but in the meantime, really looking forward to OOW!

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