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Beat the odds, keep up with antivirus strategies

Protecting customers from malware can be like juggling grenades — hectic enough while things are going well, but positively frantic (for a little while) when they’re not. Whatever their positive characteristics, customers tend to get angry at VARs who did (or didn’t do) something that lets a worm, virus or Trojan into their system.

On the theory that a little help is welcome and a lot doesn’t hurt, either , check out‘s new AV resources, including the Antivirus Project Guide, then stay up-to-date on antivirus news, strategies and tips aimed at the channel on‘s Viruses, Worms, and other Malware topic center.

For the next level of support, try antivirus software vendors and information sites that offer instructor-led and online courses and training to give you and your support engineers some of the AV skills they need, not to mention help explaining to customers what the threats are and what you can do to protect them :

Napoleon Bonaparte — who knew something about how to overcome a persistent threat — said “victory belongs to the most persevering.” The perseverance is up to you, but we can help with the information on tools and techniques you can use to keep up. Let us know how it’s going, and what kind of information you need — from vendors, customers or each other — and we’ll enlist all three in the initiative. Until then, keep juggling.

Julia Henderson

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