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Ballmer the baller?

Steve Ballmer must really want to buy something big.Steve Ballmer jersey

With a potential Yahoo acquisition still up in the air, the Microsoft CEO has turned his attention to the hometown basketball team, the Seattle SuperSonics. The Seattle Times reported today that Ballmer is part of a local investment group trying to buy the Sonics from owner Clay Bennett.

Bennett, who is about as popular in Seattle as Ballmer is at Yahoo headquarters, wants to move the Sonics to Oklahoma City. Ballmer’s group would keep the team in Seattle and chip in $150 million to renovate its arena — an act of “heroism” greater than any Microsoft product launch.

The plans of Ballmer’s group are far from a slam dunk, as Bennett has said the team is not for sale. But with the help of angry fans, Ballmer’s group could make a full-court press on Bennett. And that just might be enough to eek out a last-second buzzer-beater for the city of Seattle.

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This is all a smoke screen. If Mr. Ballmer (whom I greatly admire) was really serious, why didn't he and this group step up months ago, before Bennett's groupd purchased the team? I think that the fans and citizens of Seattle are a little to late. Now that reality has hit home (Oklahoma city passed a tax provision to revamp the Ford Center) these people are waking up and realizing this is going to happen. I not even sure if Ballmer and company offered a whole lot of cash would sway Clay Bennett and his group. We want a team in OKC. Seattle DOES NOT. It's as simple as that.