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Ballmer Plays Bad Cop again on Linux, and Rattles Scabbard over Vista Piracy

It seems like somebody is a little cranky about the slow pace of sales for Microsoft’s Windows Vista. CEO Steve Ballmer, as Kevin Fogarty noted in today’s headline scan, has tried to place at least part of the blame for Vista’s slow start on software piracy, and is threatening to “dial up” Microsoft’s anti-piracy measures. At the same time, as the threat of losing some potential buyers to Linux desktops continues to rear its head, Ballmer once again is threatening legal action against Linux distributions that infringe on Microsoft’s intellectual property claims.

Sure, Vista is out there in Bitstream . Sure, Windows Genuine advantage is so hosed, you can install an upgrade copy onto a bare machine just by rebooting at the right time during install. But there’s a reason why Vista sales are so slack that has nothing to do with piracy, and that Linux has little to do with: people don’t trust it yet.

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