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At last: The VCE Company is official

Lookie here, the VCE Company is finally official after an extremely long birthing process reported here. And here again.

Here’s the news, posted today.

“As a result of this combination, all product integration and development, pre-sales and support now falls under the reorganized VCE. All VCE-certified solutions are delivered and supported as a single integrated offering with one VCE point of contact for support. The Acadia brand has been retired as a result of this combination and rebrand.”


VCE VARs hope the new entity will iron out channel conflict they’ve seen with some of the VCE parent sales forces. (The original VCE Coalition  was launched in November 2009 by Cisco, EMC and VMware.)

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The suggestion to delay allocations is counter-indicated by research. Large files, can have dramatically improved performance if the fs is allowed to allocate large blocks early. Compared to previous file systems, not only is fragmentation reduced, but the physical layout is more regularized along addressing modes. While many linux pages claim that delayed allocation improves fragmentation, as is often the case, this general statement does not hold true for edge cases; very large files. In the big-data world,which is next door to enterprise and search, the performance of application specific scenarios is more important that building a "generally well tuned" system for beginners to play with.