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Amazon tiers S3 prices, provides volume discount

Amazon Web Services LLC is “tiering” the pricing on its hosted storage system.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (or S3) in the U.S. had charged 15 cents per gigabyte of stored data. That rate will hold for the first 50 terabytes but now as you pack more stuff into the storage cloud the per gigabyte rate falls. If you have 50 to 100 GB the charge will now be 14 cent per GB. For 100 to 500 GB it’s 13 cents and so on. There are also charges for data transfers and other associated services.

Amazon claims to have more than 29 billion objects packed away and to support more than 70,000 requests per second. The tiered pricing goes into affect Nov. 1.

Amazon is clearly gearing up its cloud efforts. A few weeks ago it unilaterally announced that it would support Windows and SQL Server in its Elastic Compute Cloud. Microsoft took some time to issue a statement on that one. Many speculate that Amazon is pre-empting Microsoft cloud-computing news expected out at its Professional Developers Conference in two weeks.

Microsoft lags Amazon building out infrastructure to support commerce and other businesses who want to transact business on the Web but don’t want to deal with hosting infrastructure. Microsoft-centric .NET developers say this lack has hurt them because to date, the popular Amazon-hosted services were Unix or Linux centric, leaving Windows types out in the cold.

Still, there’s a big push going on as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon race to build data centers and the infrastructure to run them efficiently.

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