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All eyes on HP

Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker will take the stage later today in San Francisco to outline his (so-far unclear) vision for the IT giant. 

 So far, reporting in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere suggests he will talk up cloud computing (duh), and provide more detail on just how HP will boost its software business.  Last week, new corp comm guy Bill Wohl issued a terse statement refuting a report that the company will sell off its PC business.

Meanwhile, many HP VARs keep wondering just where former channel chief Adrian Jones will surface.

While some think Dell is his destination, many have a sneaking hunch that Jones will join former HP CEO Mark Hurd  at Oracle.Given Oracle’s flair for the dramatic counterprogramming move, I would bet they’ll hold off that announcement for a few more weeks so it can disrupt HP’s big Americas Partner Conference kicking off in Las Vegas where Apotheker will put on his full partner push.

Any takers?

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Public Cloud servers such as Office 365 servers have Backdoor Access according NSA PRISM documentations, so Public Cloud is NOT an option. MS must continue investing in On-Premises.
Scrapping MCM is biggest mistake Microsoft did, I am sure they will regret it.
Yes, Microsoft is forcing IT Pro's into the Cloud... This is called Monopoly, seems like we are back into 90s...
This is not a surprise and any new move by Microsoft to make such a decision will not be a surprise. I had my experience when MS removed Designer View from SharePoint 2013. What a decision again
Actually, any device with a TPM module has a backdoor in by the NSA so anything past 2007 is pretty much affected but they can be disabled.. The latest round of windows 8 machines can't have the TPM disabled, so you're stuck with it always on and available to whoever wants to use your hidden service accounts