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A sales pitch homerun

Network consultant firm Evolve Technologies is swinging for the fences with a creative and original sales event. Teaming up with Microsoft, Global Wireless Data and Palm, the networking reseller is taking small business owners to the ballpark.

Sitting in the stands at RFK Stadium on May 17, watching the Nationals-Braves game, participants will reportedly use provided mobile networking tools to play “General Manager for a day”. Evolve’s event organizers hope that this firsthand experience will succeed in proving to their customers’ the usefulness and viability of mobile technology.

Consultants, value-added resellers and sales engineers who are struggling to drive interest in their respective technologies, and even those who aren’t, should take a page from Evolve’s book. Getting up and selling to the customer’s CFO with charts, graphs and a practiced sales pitch is all well and good. But, as Bruce Campbell will tell you in his Old Spice commercial, nothing beats experience where the customer feels the need and then sees how your technology or strategy fills that need.

~Eric Pierce

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