Channel Marker

January 2010

  • Oracle will host JavaOne, but where?

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 28 Jan 2010
  • That Oracle will continue to host JavaOne, the huge conference built around that popular language, came as a relief to thousands of Java proponents. Oracle execs said JavaOne will be "co-located" ...

  • Oracle-Sun pushes for vertical integration

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 27 Jan 2010
  • Today is an interesting day in tech. Oracle and Apple CEOs will each be doing their best to tout the virtues of integrated hardware and software. Oracle's Larry Ellison and his lieutenants will ...

  • Yes, more evidence that things are looking brighter

    Heather Clancy 26 Jan 2010
  • You've probably seen some of the reports from the big market research companies calling for some reversal of the IT spending slump in the months to come. There are also two other reports out that ...



  • Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

    Time for the weekly roundup of personnel moves across the industry with several senior roles being filled in the last seven days

  • Plenty of life in mainframes

    Those assuming that it was time to take the mainframe in the corner out for a long walk of a short pier will be surprised to hear...

  • What to expect in Q4

    AI, contact centres and security are among the areas where the channel might gain in this quarter, according to industry figures