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September 2008

  • Leaving Las Vegas

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 17 Sep 2008
  • This morning I'm packing up my stuff and heading back East after covering VMworld 2008 for the past two days. But that doesn't mean our coverage of the event is over -- not by a long shot. Visit ...

  • After Ike: Houston VAR keeps on working

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 16 Sep 2008
  • You think you've had a bad week? You should talk to Sam Haffar. Haffar is the president and co-CEO of Computex, Inc., a Houston-based solution provider specializing. Yes. Houston. And he, like ...

  • Maritz flattered by Microsoft’s guerrilla marketing

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 16 Sep 2008
  • LAS VEGAS -- I just left a Q&A session with VMware CEO Paul Maritz, where I asked him about the "poker chip" guerrilla marketing campaign that Microsoft launched this morning at VMworld. Here's ...

  • NetSuite, Skyytek sever ties

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 13 Sep 2008
  • NetSuite and one of its top reseller partners are on the outs. Skyytek Worldwide and NetSuite are ending their relationship as of Sept. 30, according to a "joint public statement" issued late ...

  • Microsoft, Citrix rumors: Here we go again

    Barb Darrow - TechTarget 12 Sep 2008
  •  VMworld 2008 kicks off Monday and all through the blogs,  lots of creatures are stirring with tales of a soon-to-be-announced Microsoft buyout of Citrix.'s Colin Steele pinged ...

  • Follow VMworld 2008 and Partner Day on Twitter

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 12 Sep 2008
  • I'm heading to warm, sunny Las Vegas this weekend to cover VMworld 2008, focusing on Partner Day on Monday. As with all of our conference coverage, there will be lots of news stories on ...

  • Novell names new channel GM

    Brendan Cournoyer - TechTarget 12 Sep 2008
  • More than a month after former channel chief Pat Bernard left Novell, the open source company has named her successor. Javier Colado, a two-year Novell employee, will fill the newly created role of ...

  • Marketing 101: What not to do

    Yuval Shavit - TechTarget 11 Sep 2008
  • I got a press release today in the mail that was a great of example of how not to run an advertising campaign. The release in question was expensive, hard to understand and not very memorable ...