• December 03, 2007 03 Dec'07

    File virtualization: A bona fide problem solver

    File virtualization on NAS is the next frontier of storage virtualization and promises to be a good play for the channel. Help your customers address real file management difficulties caused by the growth of unstructured data.  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2007 03 Dec'07

    Becoming a CISSP: An introduction

    CISSP certification can help you gain respectability when dealing with clients and increase your profitability. In this chapter excerpt, learn about the basics of CISSP, from the benefits of certification to the eligibility requirements before you ...  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2007 03 Dec'07

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

    You may have heard about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), but what does it entail? In this IT Channel Explained article, we clarify what PCI-DSS means through an explanation of 12-item PCI-DSS requirements list for credit ...  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2007 03 Dec'07

    VMware's indirect channel partners to increase in '08, exec says

    With new competition from Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp. and other hardware vendors, VMware Inc. will face its stiffest competition yet during 2008 -- and it plans to expand the ranks of its indirect channel partners to compensate. But, in addition ...  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2007 02 Dec'07

    Reller seques from biz apps to Windows

    Tami Reller is now CFO of Microsoft's Platform & Services Division. She retains her corporate vice president title and now reports to Kevin Johnson, president of PSD, according to an internal ...  Continue Reading