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iSCSI SAN storage challenges

iSCSI SAN storage is a cost effective approach to storage, but it's more difficult than you think to implement iSCSI SAN storage.

What iSCSI deployment challenges should consider when developing iSCSI services offerings?
It is not often we are granted a wish like iSCSI SAN storage. It is a profitable way to connect with the SMB market's needs -- without the complexity that scares so many prospects away. The fact that iSCSI has merit doesn't mean that it is a once size fits all solution.
  1. Understand your markets' pain points. Specialize in a strategy that addresses their needs. For example, highly regulated SMBs may have a need for a records management solution. It may require storage beyond the capability of DAS and SAN is more complexity than they can withstand. iSCSI storage systems fill the gap nicely.
  2. You may start a turf war. Wars aren't good for business. Many clients are accustomed to purpose built storage hardware. They may take some exception to the idea that their precious data blocks can travel down a copper wire right behind a web page request.
  3. Champion at all levels. If the client has an existing storage infrastructure team, and you are pitching the reduced labor costs of iSCSI SAN storage, don't expect the worker bees to get real excited about your solution. Without their support, you'll have a hard time closing the deal.

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