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What's the channel impact of Cisco's Data Center 3.0?

Cisco Data Center 3.0 is an integration framework for the data center. Learn how it can benefit your clients by saving them money on space, cooling and power consumption.

What's the channel impact of Cisco's Data Center 3.0?

Cisco Data Center 3.0 is designed to integrate distributed systems and centralized systems like mainframes, and present the best of two worlds. Cisco is responding to a trend away from saving on storage, toward savings on space, cooling and power consumption.

For many enterprises this means virtualization. One of the problems with virtualization is that while it works very well for underutilized servers, so a server that suddenly requires more horsepower may not be able to meet the application requirements for a virtualized environment. Cisco's Data Center 3.0 allows for virtualization of services by allowing administrators to dynamically add more capacity to the service on demand.

In most enterprises, servers and their related networks are deployed to address the needs of the application. For example, a server is installed, the service installed on it and then the required network and switches are configured for the application. As a consequence, considerable resources will be wasted, especially on an underutilized server. The waste includes disk space, processing power, switch capacity and network bandwidth.

Cisco Data Center 3.0 addresses these inefficiencies by not only providing for virtualization of services, but also by helping to conserve network resources, at the same time providing a highly reliable, scalable and efficient architecture. I believe that Data Center will be a clear winner in the enterprise.

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