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This article is part of our Essential Guide: How to evaluate, choose and work securely with cloud service providers

What cloud computing security risks do providers tend to overlook?

Find out which cloud computing security risks are in cloud providers' blind spot, according to cloud expert Mooney Sherman.

What are the biggest cloud computing security risks, or "blind spots," that many providers tend to overlook?

The biggest security blind spot among cloud providers involves the fact that virtual servers have an intrinsic capability to create snapshots of memory and disk space at any given point in time. This creates a frozen image that can lead to an undetectable compromise of the virtual servers. The image can be examined, and when it includes all the in-operation encryption keys for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH) , Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), etc., a hacker can gain control of a hosted server without leaving a footprint.

This was last published in February 2013

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