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What are today's underserved network markets?

With so many network service providers on the scene it's tempting to think all the network markets are saturated. In this expert response, learn about some network markets that are just starting to come into their own, thereby providing the channel with new business opportunities.

What are today's underserved network markets?

In terms of network markets, there's a lot of opportunity with medical offices in terms of digitizing their assets, consolidating their communications and enhancing their infrastructure through virtualization. Service providers could start digitizing all those assets and putting the assets on systems, then spreading those assets across all the client's branch offices. That technology is more feasible now. Virtualization technologies are now more cost effective, and I think that's been a barrier before.

In the economic stimulus package President Bush signed into law last month, there's a provision to encourage increased spending on computer equipment upgrades for business by giving larger tax incentives. This means there's a tremendous opportunity almost all around to get customers to spend money on those projects that have been put on the back burner, such as VoIP. The stimulus package should help prevent a huge plunge in network spending. Despite the state of the U.S. economy, too much of today's business operations rely on network infrastructure, and that infrastructure still needs to be reliable. Some new projects might be held back, but I still think there will be opportunities for service providers going forward.

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