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WAP for mobile devices

Using WAP, your clients can convert their pages to be viewed by mobile devices. Learn if it's worth the effort in this Q&A.

How can I help my clients generate a WAP page that can be seen by their customers on mobile devices? They want to generate HTML pages so users can easily surf their site on cell phones.

I'm not going to recommend any specific WAP tools, but a search of the Web will yield lots of them. WAP's protocol (WML) is based on XML and a subset of HTML/XHTML, so some conversion of standard HTML pages is necessary in many cases. You can also find tools that allow you to construct WAP pages from scratch. Note, though, the WAP is on the way out, and that browsers supporting "desktop" HTML are clearly the future. It's just too much work to produce multiple versions of a given page, and then deal with all of the peculiarities on individual handsets.

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