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Virtualization training for value-added resellers

Microsoft, VMware and Xensource all offer virtualization training. For VARs, taking advantage of these training opportunities will allow you to answer customer questions and ease concerns. Take advantage of these sessions.

Can you recommend a reliable place for virtualization training?
This depends on the virtualization product that you will be using. With VMware all of their endorsed classes are standardized and certified by VMware. The certified training centers are known as VMware authorized training centers. Information, including course schedules and locations can be found on the VMware Education Services page.

For Microsoft Virtual Server, the most promising course that I could find was the official Microsoft E-Learning course: Using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. I suspect that this might be the case because the upcoming hypervisor in Windows Longhorn Server could render the Virtual Server product obsolete.

For Xensource, they offer their partner program. You can get training if you are a Xensource Solution Provider (XSP) or Xensource Hosting Partner(XHP). I believe that the training is included in the partner program.

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