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Third-party WLAN management systems help keep track of MAC and IP addresses, and logins

Sometimes the Web-based management interface on a router or AP is limited in scope and capacity, and your SMB customers need more from their log files. Here are a few tips to help you decide what to recommend.

How can I make a log file of my SMB customer's WLAN that shows the MAC and IP address of the users, and also shows when they log on and off?
This information is usually available via the Web-based management interface on the router or AP. Just log in via https and you'll find it. But most implementations are fairly limited in both scope and capacity. If this is an important feature, a third-party management system from Airwave Wireless or a few others can help. Small-business switches, such as Symbol's WS2000 are a little more expensive than standalone APs in small configurations, but much more robust in terms of management capabilities. Enterprise-class WLANs have exactly what you need, but at higher prices, of course.

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