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Starting remote database support

Expert Hilary Cotter discusses the initial challenges that VARs face when beginning to support remote database administation.

What are the initial challenges facing a VAR who's customer wants to develop remote database administration?
The initial challenge facing VARs trying to implement a remote database administration business is developing a plan. VARs must have a comprehensive plan in place to bring the client's SQL Servers under their administration and to manage and monitor them.

We run a script which inventories the SQL Servers on a client's enterprise to discover if they are operating under best practices. Next we ensure that a maintenance plan is in place, and run monitoring tools in order to be both proactive and reactive in managing the enterprise.

This management style offers the client improved recoverability, availability and performance, which makes the task of a remote administrator less stressful because less time is spent fighting fires. This way VARs can dedicate more resources to the client's other non-administrative tasks -- like improving performance, writing procs, etc.

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