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Setting an IP address on a LAN server interface

Learn how to set an IP address on the network interface of a FTP/Web/mail server when a client has only one public IP address.

Currently my client has a simple LAN network with firewall, as shown here. They want to set an IP on the network interface of their FTP/Web/mail server. They're using a SifoWorks U-series firewall and a Cisco Router 3800 Series, and they have only one public IP address, which they purchased from the ISP. Any suggestions?
Most firewalls support a "redirect" function that maps one IP/port to another. For example, if your external address is and you want to send Web traffic to your Web server at, you would map port 80 to port 80. Check your SifoWorks documentation for the proper command for that firewall.
This was last published in October 2007

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